Q. When is my application due?
A. The deadline for composition submissions is July 1st 2018.

Q. Will late applications be accepted?
A. In exceptional circumstances we will be happy to accept late applications.

Q. What are the age requirements?
A. Members of the orchestra must be 18 years of age or older on the 4th of August 2019. Composers must be under the age of 35 at the time of application. 

Q. Is there a minimum standard or education requirement to apply?
A. No, all motivated and talented musicians are encouraged to apply!

Q. What should I include in my video recording? 
A. The choice of repertoire in the video is entirely up to you. Accompanied or unaccompanied solo repertoire or orchestral excerpts are all perfectly acceptable. We suggest you chose a piece that you feel comfortable with and that demonstrates your strengths as a performer. Something as simple as a video recording from your smart phone is entirely acceptable. Please feel free to include more than one recording. 

Q. My video recording is large, how should I upload it?
A. The easiest way is to upload your video to youtube and set it to unlisted. Then you just have to send the link and only we will be able to view it. Services like Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer also work well.

Q. What fees are involved?
A. The fee for Irish musicians or current residents of Ireland is €100. The fee for international musicians is €200. 
The Esker Festival Orchestra is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and as such Irish citizens or musicians             currently resident or studying in Ireland receive substantial financial aid. Unfortunately scholarships for are not         available.
There is no application fee.

Q. When will the application results be posted?
A. Application results will normally be posted as soon as possible after the application deadline. If for any reason you need a result sooner, let us know and we will do our best to facilitate you.

Q. Once the results of the applications are posted how can I confirm my place?
A. In order to confirm your place you must transfer the relevant registration fee and return the signed membership agreement before the specified date.

Q. Are there any extra requirements or important information for international musicians?
A. All correspondence and rehearsals will take place in English and any relevant travel visas must be organised by the musicians themselves.

Q. What accommodation is provided during the residency and tour?
A. During the rehearsal residency musicians will be staying In NUI Galway in either single or double rooms in shared apartments a short walk from the rehearsal venue. On the 9th of August accommodation will be provided after the concert in budget accommodation or with host families. Accommodation before the rehearsal residency and after the final concert must be arranged by the musicians themselves. We are happy to help members organise accommodation in local hotels or with host families.

Q. What meals are provided?
A. Breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge each day during the rehearsal residency. For dinner, members  are encouraged to make use of the accommodation's fully functional kitchens or to experience Galway City's renowned restaurants and markets. During the two days of concerts outside of Galway, members will be                provided with breakfast and one additional meal.

Q. What transport is provided?
A. All transport from the rehearsal residency to the concert venues is provided. Members will have to arrange their own transport to the the rehearsal residency and home after the final concert. The nearest airport to Galway is Shannon Airport but excellent bus transfers are available up to every 30 minutes to and from Dublin Airport.

Q. Can I bring a car?
A. Yes. Having a car can be very helpful and useful during the rehearsal residency and tour, but unfortunately we are unable to provide reimbursement for any related costs. We are also happy to help to arrange car sharing which can help to reduce transport costs.

Q. I sent an email some time ago but have not yet received a response. What is up with that??
A. The Esker Festival Orchestra is a voluntarily run project, organised by musicians for musicians. As such we are not professional administrators and can sometimes fall behind or accidentally miss an email. If you need a response from us please contact us again and we will do our best to answer as quickly as possibly.